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Restore Your Lawn's Healthy Appearance

Everyone wants a perfectly cut, lush green lawn to add to their home's appearance. When your lawn is in desperate need of some maintenance, you can trust our professional landscapers at family-owned and operated Olson Landscape Company.


Our team offers professional grading, seeding, and sod work to both residential and commercial properties to help maintain your yard and restore its lush green color and healthy appearance.


Whether you have a new or an existing lawn, our team can work on it, and get it back to looking healthy and full of life again. Your friends will be green with envy over your gorgeous lawn!

Prevent Future Foundation Issues With Quality Grading

The levelness of the ground on which your home or business sits on is an extremely important part of home maintenance. A poorly leveled or graded yard can result in damage to your basement and / or foundation. Our team offers grading of your property to help prevent any future problems.


Over the lifespan of your lawn and yard, you may notice some dirt spots, brown patches, and worn spots due to high traffic, neglect, disease, and wear and tear. Our team offers grass seeding and sod placement to those who need to revamp their lawn and start over. We use premium- quality grass seed and sod to ensure your lawn looks gorgeous.


In business since 2008, Olson Landscape Company has been your best option for professional-grade landscaping services. Whether you'd like to install landscape lighting, need some maintenance, or new installation, our team is here to help you get the results you want.

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